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unsolicited reader praise for Kid Food

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"This book is dynamite- powerful, convincing, and super informational. . . .

[Siegel's] writing in this book is insightful and offers great advice. . . .

Don’t skip this book, it’s absolutely not to be missed. . . ."

* * *

"This is a MUST read book if you are in any way responsible for feeding children. . . .

The list of 'I had no idea...' goes on and on.

This is simply a life changing book that I am beyond grateful I found."


* * *

"A must-read for any parent trying to feed a kid in the crazy processed-food minefield they inhabit!

Lots of good tips and information - useful and informative. Seriously, everyone go read this book."


* * *

“A fabulous and indispensable resource for anyone in the business of feeding small humans.

This book pulls together all the tips and lessons that I’ve painstakingly cobbled together over the years

from various books (eg: First Bite, French Kids Eat Everything, The Case Against Sugar, etc).

Lucky you, dear reader - it’s now all summed up here in one place.

Plus! The one outstanding piece I was missing: advocacy.

Cannot recommend this highly enough."


* * *

"Bettina Siegel's writing style is so engaging and. . .

there is no parent shaming. . . .Highly recommend!!"


* * *

"This book is an absolute gem. It is a must-read for any parent, caregiver,

school staff member . . . ."


* * *

"I love her inclusion of parent voices throughout the chapters, the ease at which

she explains issues I've spent years learning about and trying to explain to friends and family,

and her inclusion of reference sources . . . ."


* * *

"A great dive into the surprisingly deep world of children's food.

Even as someone with no children nor any interest in having children,

it was worth reading" 

* * *

"I recommend it not just for anyone with kids, but anyone interested

in the nutritional well- being of the next generation."


* * *

"Very well researched and effectively communicated findings.

The information presented meets the reader wherever they find themselves on the educational

continuum of 'kid food'. . . . I highly recommend."


* * *

"This book is a great read for all parents from infants to teens, particularly those who feel

the deck is stacked against them when trying to feed their kids a nutritious, balanced diet.

Kid Food gives a great deal of information and insight in a conversational, easy read."


* * *

"This book is a MUST-READ, and not just for parents, but for anyone who eats!"


* * *

"I highly recommend this book for all parents and expectant parents.

If you aren't aware of what she discusses, it will enlighten you.

If you are already aware, it will give you tools and ideas and a wealth of reference materials."


* * *

"I found this book to be so informative. . . . I listened to it on audio book,

and it made my road trip so quick and enjoyable."


* * *

"Very interesting, entertaining, and persuasive read."


* * *

"I found this book on a whim in my library and I’m SO glad I picked it up.

This is a treasure chest of information. I learned so much."


* * *

" . . . jam packed with useful facts. . . . I absolutely recommend you pick this up and read it.

You are likely to learn a lot."

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